20/20 Vision Partner 20/20 Vision Partner has been in existence since 2012 as the Founder, Johniece Johnson aka Lady Joy has been working to hear God and gain understanding on how He wants to direct her path in cultivating His vision plan for With your support the team can continue to do the work of God on a more excellent level as we expand and partner with the body of Christ to bring more hope to our communities, cities, states, nation and world. We desire to be a trusted resource to the body of Christ as we help you all share the word of your testimony that gives hope and light where the light has been dim and the hope has been under-served. online publication is a multimedia ministry providing lifestyle content to help inspire and empower believers to live a lifestyle of wellness, wholeness and holiness through content provided within our articles, podcasts, upcoming webseries and docuseries. Our outreach events bring hope back to our local communities, cities, states, nation and world. The  20/20 Vision partners stand with us in 2 Chronicles 20:20 which reads:

So they rose early in the morning and went out into the Wilderness of Tekoa; and as they went out, Jehoshaphat stood and said, “Hear me, O Judah and you inhabitants of Jerusalem: Believe in the Lord your God, and you shall be established; believe His prophets, and you shall prosper.”

When we are established in God, our lifestyles are blessed. True prosperity is a results of hearing the living word of God that is the prophetic word of God; healing the whole person in mind, spirit, soul and body which becomes evident in our spiritual, emotional, relational, intellectual, physical and financial wellness. Our desire is to provide faith empowered prayer with obedient action  to inspire, empower, equip and minister to our sphere of influence through outreach vision plan. We understand that faith (prayer) without works (obedient action) is dead. God’s vision and one desire is for His kingdom will to be fulfilled on earth as it is in heaven to reconcile a perishing worldly mindset back to the perfect love of God where believers will become well, whole and holy.

To meet the current ministry needs, we need to go to the next level of stabilization so we can go to the next level of excellence and then expansion. We are believing for a minimum of two thousand 20/20 Vision Partners to sow a minimum of $20.00 a month that is less than $1 a day and $5 a week.

Each 20/20 Vision Partner will receive the following:

  • Enjoy online publication of lifestyle articles, podcasts and web series. 
  • Invite to our national SUIPStyle Wellness Awards Gala & Leadership Development Conference 
  • Recognition on our 20/20 Vision Partner Wall of Grace 
  • Quarterly Work God’s Vision  iConference Invite
  • SUIPStyle Article feature and Guest Podcast Appearance 
  • Upon request, eligible to share the word of your testimony via our articles, podcasts, upcoming webseries, docuseries, events, retreats, conferences and more!
  • Eligible to become a SUIPStyle Wellness Image Award Honoree or Elite Gentlemen Society Leadership Award Honoree
  • More to come as we grow and expand our resources and influences for the glory of God  

Thank you for supporting, investing and sowing  your financial seed as a  20/20 Vision Partner!


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