SUIP Whole Person Healing And Leadership Development Program

SUIP New Life Empowerment Institute provides whole person healing and whole person leadership development to christian women who desire to focus on the whole person healing in their mind, spirit, soul and body preparing them to be successful in every area of their life to the ministry of becoming a Holistic Life & Relationship Wellness Coach. Each mentoree is provided private and small group mentoring sessions with their Teacher and Mentor who helps them practically apply the SUIP Whole Person Leadership Development Program to their specific lifestyle, purpose, vision and missional life assignments in addition to resolving unanswered issues within their own life.

​Lady Joy and the Holistic Life & Relational Wellness team have been purposed to help you discover, nurture and grow your life’s purpose as you come into the realization of wholeness in every area of your life including purpose, vision and missional assignment encompassing your relationships, health, beauty and total life’s prosperity.

 ​SUIP Whole Person Leadership Development Program is a whole person healing, whole person leadership development and life empowerment program designed to help establish your  whole person’s purpose, vision and mission bring it into fruition within your everyday lifestyle. SUIP Whole Person Healing And Leadership Development Program will help you become a more effective, empowered and disciplined woman who is graced in singleness, marriage, family, relationships, ministerial calling and professional vocation as we help you focus on your purpose, vision and unique missional life assignments. 

We provide whole person coaching, counseling, mentoring and consulting that will help heal and restore your whole person, as the issues are revealed that has delayed or stopped you from realizing your full joy and abundant success in life. Every life goal not achieved is a result of not being aware of how to strategically use the power, love and sound mind that is your inherit right to include gift as believers in Christ. You must claim this right by pursuing your wholeness and owning your innate power. As a believer in Christ, you take hold of this right by being renewed in the Spirit of your mind which will give you a lifestyle of wellness, wholeness, joy and success.

​The thief of wrong thinking, believing, desiring and deciding must be found in your life so you may take back your power in your whole person identity within your thoughts, words and emotions to restore your Holy Spirit filled understanding purposed to direct your actions. This is the foundation of building your lifestyle of wellness, wholeness and holiness that translates into happiness, joy and success. The word of God says in Proverbs 6:30-31, “People do not despise a thief if he steals to satisfy himself when he is starving. Yet when he is found, he must restore sevenfold; He may have to give up all the substance of His house.” Jesus revealed in John 10:7-10 that He came to give you a successful life and anyone who has come before Him are thieves and robbers. The thief that robs you is rooted in a lack of understanding the mind of Christ that is your new found identity. The word of God tells us in Philippians 2:5 Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. Having the mind of Christ is your wholeness that empowers you to live a lifestyle of wellness, wholeness and holiness that translates into happiness, joy and success. God fashioned you to be in the image and likeness of His purpose. You are called to be a witness of God’s faithfulness by being a role model in your sphere of influence. However, you must first learn how to allow the power of the Holy Spirit to be the Super Role Model who influences your whole person.

As the Founder, Visionary and Teacher, I learn and perfect my professional brand  as I submit my daily life under the influence of the Holy Spirit. I am purposed to assist you in being fashioned In God’s grace in every area of your life, empowering you to have a lifestyle of wellness, wholeness and holiness. I welcome you to apply for the SUIP Whole Person Healing And Leadership Development Program below. Let me partner with you in creating your new lifestyle of spiritual wellness,emotional wellness, relational wellness, intellectual wellness that empowers financial peace in your everyday lifestyle.

Before you can do all that you are destined to do you first have to know who you are destined to become. This starts with understanding your unique whole personality consisting of your authentic identity in mind, spirit, soul and body. Once you understand your unique personality then you have to know how to pursue, work, grow and establish your life’s legacy. The SUIP New Life Empowerment Institute team and I help you overcome life’s challenges as you renew and build your personal brand that becomes your lifestyle brand that becomes your ministry brand which strengthens your professional brand that is the gift of God bringing you before great people. There are many ways to achieve success but only one way to manifest your Greatness!

Love, Peace & Fullness of Joy,

Lady Joy


  • Open Enrollment is NOW!
  • Complete 40 Day New You Self Love Empowerment Journey (Freshmen year)
  • Complete Pursuit To Wholeness Course (Freshmen year)
  • Complete New You Self Love Transformation Course (Freshmen year)
  • Complete All Assigned “Fashioned In God’s Purpose” Ministry & Leadership Development Course Assignments (Sophmore Year)
  • Complete All Assigned “Inspire To Empower” Leadership Development Course Assignments (Junior year)
  • Complete All Assigned “Graced To Lead” Organizational Development Course Assignments (Senior Year)
  • Attend atleast one weekly Sister Love Empowerment Chat sessions held five days times a week (Tuesday thru Saturday)
  • Attend Bi- Weekly SUIP Wellness Prayer Circle small group sessions (Tuesday thru Saturday)
  • Attend Monthly Ministry Practicum Fellowship Training  (Saturday’s)
  • Attend semi annual 9 day | 8 night all inclusive Whole Person Leadership Development Retreat (retreat expenses do not include travel expenses)
  • Attend Annual SUIPStyle Wellness Awards Gala & Empowerment Conference (event expenses do not include travel expenses) starting in May 2020
  • After completion of required course assignments for each year, participate and lead monthly ministry  practicums


  • Learn Relationship, Ministry, Leadership & Organizational Management Essentials
  • Develop tangible leadership skills & gain kingdom business management experience
  • SUIPStyle Wellness Award Honoree upon completion of required courses within SUIP New Life Institute Whole Person Healing & Leadership Development Program
  • Participate in the SUIPStyle online store fundraising training and bonus rewards program that will assist in retreat travel expenses and one on one private life empowerment coaching sessions with Lady Joy.
  • Receive assistance with building your whole person portfolio
  • Eligible to become a SUIPStyle Wellness Award Recipient and receive kingdom business positioning package
  • Eligible to become a Holistic Life & Relationship Wellness Covenant Partner and more as our purpose, vision to include mission expands for the glory of God.

On completion of this course, you will be awarded a certificate of completion at  our SUIPStyle Wellness Awards Gala & Empowerment Conference. This certification provides verification that each graduate has successfully undertaken whole person training providing real world ministry and leadership management experience utilizing their talent while developing their unique gift. Graduates who have successfully completed the program will receive the opportunity of covenant partner placement assistance within the multimedia publication brand to include New You Wellness Lounge.


  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Prospective Candidates must attend a personal consultation to find out more about program offerings and requirements.
  • Prospective Candidates are required to complete the SUIP Whole Person Healing And Leadership Development Program application below if they want to be considered for this program
  • Prospective Candidates must receive an invitation indicating they were selected for the SUIP  Whole Person Healing And Leadership Development Program before commencement of the program.
  • Prospective Candidates must attend orientation before the first (1st) day of starting the program.
  • Be able to commit to at least 7 to 20 hours a week for a minimum of one year or more depending on experience, skill set and desire to continue the entire SUIP  Whole Person Healing And Leadership Development Program.
  • Must be able to participate in SUIP ministry events practicum assigned to them on behalf of their program participation.
  • Flexibility to participate mornings/days/evenings/weekends based on ministry practicum assignment needs
  • Have transportation to and from the semi annual retreat location(s) if transportation is not available in your area.
  • Prospective Candidates must submit Program Enrollment and Consultation “love gift” of $43.00 rooted in Isaiah 43:18-19 (one time “love gift”)
  • Prospective Candidates must submit SUIP Whole Person Healing And Leadership Development Program Annual Tuition
  • Prospective Candidates must submit 8 day/ 7 night all inclusive semi-annual SUIP Wellness Circle Retreat fee.
  • Prospective Candidates must submit the daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly ministry and leadership development “love gift” of eighty-five percent of their SUIPStyle online store fundraising income if they desire it to go towards the SUIP Wellness Circle Retreats and travel expenses until the commitment is reached. Afterward, if mentee decides to continue fundraising they will keep eighty-five percent of their SUIPStyle online store fundraising income to invest in their purpose, vision and mission.
  • Sign a Covenant Partner disclosure and confidentiality agreement upon program and each course completion, once selected as a new SUIP Holistic Life & Relationship Wellness Coach Covenant Partner

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