SUIP Wellness Circle is a spiritual sisterhood ministry for christian women who desire to grow in self love, ministry and leadership to establish healthy relationships that cultivate purposeful and lasting friendships

SUIP Wellness Circle Member Benefits:


  • Enjoy online publication of lifestyle articles, podcasts and web series. 
  • Access to “Sister Love Empowerment Chat” which is our devotional time to hear faith and ignite pure worship
  • Private New SUIP Wellness Circle Member Connect Coaching Telesession within your new member month
  • Private Life & Relationship Empowerment Coaching Telesession for your Birthday month
  • Private Life & Relationship Empowerment Coaching Telesession for your SUIP Wellness Circle Anniversary month
  • “Pursuit To Wholeness” Spiritual Formation Audio Coaching Series
  • Invite to our exclusive SUIP Wellness Prayer Circle
  • Invite to our exclusive Sister Love Empowerment Retreats
  • Invite to our national SUIPStyle Wellness Awards Gala & Leadership Development Conference 
  • Invite to attend our international SUIP Dreamscape expeditions
  • Eligible for our monthly giveaway
  • Eligible to book private one on one Life & Relationship Empowerment Coaching sessions and small group events at Wellness Lounge
  • Eligible to become a SUIP Wellness Prayer Circle Leader 
  • Eligible to enroll in SUIP  Whole Person Leadership Development Program to discover, grow, work and establish your purpose, vision as well as your mission
  • Eligible to become a online publication contributing writer 
  • Eligible to feature products in the Wellness estore
  • Eligible to become a Sister Love Empowerment Chat radio reoccurring guest
  • Eligible to become a SUIPTalks Real T.E.A. Empowerment Social panelist
  • Eligible to become a Wellness Professional within Wellness Lounge ministry locations
  • Eligible to become a Wellness Lounge Covenant Partner​​
  • And more to come as we grow and expand for the glory of God

Complete your SUIP Wellness Circle Member form below and submit your initial donation or love gift. The initial donation requested is $20.00 or your best donation. Each month going forward we request your best monthly donation of any amount to help the growth of the online publication of faith-based resources to include the SUIP Wellness Circle Community.

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