Sister Love Empowerment Chat

Got Faith?

Faith is to the believer like water is to a whale, our life source. Without the Faith of God, we will not be able to walk successfully within the earthly realm without fear of loss, regret or sorrow. Faith is to the believer’s spiritual body what healthy  food and clean water is to the physical body. Faith attracts favor because He is the gift of eternal life. Faith repels curses because it is the power to overcome eternal death (Romans 6:23). When we have faith, we have the currency of God that will pay our bills because faith is the glory of God. Faith is the wealth and resources of the kingdom of God that produces products and services needed to live and manage the gift of eternal life in this evil day. Faith is how God redeems the time back to faith in this evil day of fear (Ephesians 5:16).

In this episode of Sister Love Empowerment Chat I asked the question, “What And Who Are You Listening To?” I pray this Sister Love Empowerment Chat inspires you, enlightens you and provokes you to acknowledge where you are in your spiritual journey and if you are ready to move forward by faith into another dimension of your identity . I welcome you to become a SUIP Wellness Circle member to join the Sister Love Empowerment Chat with like-minded and like hearted women who desire to activate their gift of eternal life.

SUIP New Life Empowerment Institute Whole Person Leadership Development Program open enrollment is until December 30th for the second freshmen graduating class that starts on January 10, 2019. Submit your application now to be considered for the SUIP New Life Empowerment Institute Whole Person Leadership Program. Thank you for your support and donations!


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  1. Faith is my identity and don’t take faith lightly is replaying in my mind. I received this living word n it blessed me on the replay. Thank u holy spirit for the revealing word of hearing faith and what fear looks like. Hearing Faith is everything, its our lifestyle!

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