Sister Love Empowerment Chat

Are You Ready For Growth?


Are you really ready for growth? Do you understand how to obtain what you desire the most? Often times in the body of Christ, we expect instantaneous miracles and overlook the everyday miracle of being transformed in the image and likeness of God as we move forward by faith. We often overlook the importance of the journey that prepares us to maintain and keep what we desire the most.  Although Jesus was purposed to resurrect from the dead and become King of kings and Lord of Lords, even he had a journey before the full manifestation of that promise. What was it so important to God for Jesus to go through the life cycle process like us when He already had all authority and power to do what He was purposed to accomplish.  When we embrace the miracle within the journey of becoming and obtaining what we desire, we become the evidence of God’s sustaining power and strength to overcome against all odds.

In this episode of Sister Love Empowerment Chat I asked the question, “Are You Ready For What You Desire?” I pray this Sister Love Empowerment Chat inspires you, enlightens you and provokes you to acknowledge where you are in your spiritual journey and if you are ready to move forward by faith by trusting God and deciding not to lean to your own understanding, your own desires and ultimately your own way . I welcome you to become a SUIP Wellness Circle member to join the Sister Love Empowerment Chat with like-minded and like hearted women who desire to activate their gift of eternal life.

SUIP New Life Empowerment Institute Whole Person Leadership Development Program open enrollment is until December 30th for the second freshmen graduating class that starts on January 10, 2019. Submit your application now to be considered for the SUIP New Life Empowerment Institute Whole Person Leadership Program.


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