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Going Deeper Than The Symptoms of Phobias To Become Whole

In life we experience issues that effect our ability to be the person we desire to be in life. This issues come to rob us of our faith, power, love , peace and joy. When we acknowledge our issues and commit to the process of doing the spiritual work to heal and recover what wants to rob us of our joy, we become the person we always dreamed to become plus much more. As believers in Christ, the living word of God has every solution needed to overcome these issues, especially the issue of phobias, also known as fear (2 Timothy 1:7). When we abide in the wisdom and understanding of God’s living word we begin to discover how to embrace, enjoy and practically apply His living word in our life that heals and restores our confidence, boldness, peace, love, joy and so much more.

I hope you enjoy listening to this episode of Lady Joy Inspires Life & Relationship Empowerment Coaching Podcast with Kim and I as she allows you all to listen in on a little of her healing journey of overcoming fear. She has come along way within a year as she has committed to do the spiritual work of discovering, embracing, enjoying and practically applying the living word of God in her life that has help her overcome previous fears as she courageously faces some current fears with the faith that she will overcome these fears as well. When we trust God’s wisdom and allow His living word in His chosen leaders in our life to help us along our journey of healing, we go beyond covering the symptoms we battle with to healing the spirit of our mind where the stronghold of phobias resides. When the spirit of our mind is healed the symptoms of phobias lose power and therefore stop effecting our thoughts, language, will, desires, emotions and actions.

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