The Number One Year Round Wardrobe Essential

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Undergarments are the number one year round wardrobe essential that not only provides added structure and support, but keeps our clothing from becoming soiled by perspiration and bodily fluid secretions. Besides our body frame, it is the added foundation of a well groomed body. Undergarments empowers us to confidently fulfill the work we are purposed to complete with the people we are purposed to serve. For women, bras and underwear provide the support they need in the areas they need it the most. Fortunately, these days bras and underwear have become more affordable as some people can purchase from a dollar store in some areas of the United States.

The best kind of underwear are cotton and provide full coverage that allows the areas it protects to breathe; as it prevents yeast and bacterial infections.  Cotton underwear that is not synthetically dyed is ideal because it does not agitate the area it is purposed to protect. If you choose underwear of a different material, at least make sure it has a cotton line crotch area were yeast and bacteria is known to occur. 

Dr. Rabin MD recommends ladies to stay away from thong underwear because it can deposit colonic bacteria into your vaginal and uretha area, which is a health risk. 


Additionally, not wearing underwear during the time you sleep allows the entry areas to your reproductive organs to breathe.  It is as important to make sure you wear the right underwear cut for your body type. Immediately after a workout, it is important to remove your sweaty underwear to prevent uncomfortable skin rashes. 

Dr. Moore MD recommends special hypo allergenic laundry detergent for underwear to prevent contact dermititis.

Some women prefer seamless bras, wire bras or sports bras or special occasion bras based on their bust size, outfit of choice and social function. As long as the bra provides the support you need for your back, shoulders, underarms and aesthetically pleasing to your personal preference, enjoy expressing yourself! Bras are purposed to remove the added weight from the back area, shoulder area and underarm area while keeping the bust area uplifted, securely positioned as it helps to improve your overall posture. The essentials of a great bra depends on your body type and what it is purposed to help you achieve; whether it is added back support during a vigorous workout,  concealing structure for your professional work outfit, added shape and comfort underneath your favorite tee shirt or a romantic night out on the town with your husband. What all these bras will have in common is great bra straps for shoulder support, adequate back closures and straps for back support and great underarm bands for side underarm support; as well as material that will properly conceal your bust nipple area.

Just like undergarments provide protection and support to the movement of the physical body, our Life & Relationship Empowerment Coaches are spiritual leaders who provides spiritual, emotional, relational and social support to the spiritual body of Christ; helping  keep everything and everyone functioning at their best and properly positioned to fulfill their purpose, vision and mission. When people are positioned where God has purposed them, they are positioned to receive what He has prepared for them and empowered to overcome what and who would try to prevent the will of God for their lives.

Part of our positioning is in us preparing for what God has revealed to us. Our preparing is us positioning ourselves for what God has promised. In the word of God, Proverbs 16:3 tells us:

Commit your work  and your thoughts shall be established.

Our work of preparation is a spiritual work of hearing faith so we are empowered to walk by faith. This work of preparation is how we activate our belief to hear the living word of God that empowers us to walk by the living word of God, who is the essence of our faith.  The living word of God is our spiritual undergarment that is the foundational support of how we think, speak, desire, feel and act.  Just like cotton underwear protects our womb, the living word of God protects our spiritual womb, which is our heart. Just like a well fitted bra helps us with our posture, the living word of God empowers us to walk by faith.  Our walk by faith is only made possible by the living word of God we position ourselves to hear. The more we hear God’s living word, the more we will be able to be supported and uplifted as His living word removes the stress that comes with making daily choices and overcoming daily obstacles. 

Decide to connect with a Life & Relationship Empowerment Coach who is purposed to partner with you as you receive the support you desire in your spiritual life journey; so you will better fulfill your life’s purpose, vision and mission.


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