Lady Joy Inspires Podcast

Embracing The Grace To Heal

When we seek to experience love, sometimes when we do not understand what expectations to sets for others let alone ourselves, we experience everything other than the love we desired the most. So with a lack of understanding, we position ourselves to experience some challenges along the way of seeking what we desire the most. With these challenges comes spiritual, emotional, relational and sometimes financial, physical trauma and crisis that requires us to take acknowledge our need to heal so we will move forward better than before and find hope of encountering what we originally desired the most, an unforgettable love experience that would last our lifetime.

On today’s Lady Joy Inspires Life & Relationship Coaching session, you will hear Lady Joy have a life and relationship empowerment session with a courageous woman of God name Terri who desires to understand why she had the opposite relationship experience she desired the most when she thought it was the beginning of her love experience that would last her lifetime.

I hope as you listen in on this session you will find the courage to ask your self some hard questions and find the courage to seek your healing and recovery.  Thank you Terri for your willingness to share a part of your story so transparently as you encounter your Grace to begin to heal.

If you desire to have a Life & Relationship Empowerment Coaching session on Lady Joy Inspires submit your inquiry on . If you desire to book a private one on one Life & Relationship Coaching session with Lady Joy, please BOOK your session today!


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