Lady Joy Inspires

SUIP Wellness Circle Introduction And Invitation

I am pleased to share a little about my self-love journey and how I started to mature spiritually as I intentionally pursued God’s will for my life during a time when I felt the most defeated in life. I had no idea that as I was coming to the end of myself, I was actually beginning to awaken new in Christ. I hope these videos inspire you! If you are a woman who desires to grow stronger in the Lord and share your experience with women who are doing the same you definitely want to check these videos out and hear our testimonies. We all would love for you to be apart of our circle; SUIP Wellness Circle!

I really enjoyed spending time with Alana, one of our SUIP Wellness Circle members talking about the importance of authentic sisterhood rooted in the love of Christ, each other and the journey of discovering our authentic selves. I hope you enjoyed listening in to our Sister Chat as well!

Listening in on the ladies of SUIP Wellness Circle share their sentiments was so heartwarming and insightful of what they value the most when it comes to experiencing the ministry that God blessed me to birth as well as the resources that I have been blessed to create as a blessing to all of us and hopefully you as well. I hope you are inspired as you listen in and decide to join our SUIP Wellness Circle!

Thank you for taking the time to watch and listen to all the videos. I hope you enjoyed and decide to support, donate and join us soon! We all would love to have you! Please click here to find out more about SUIP Wellness Circle now!


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