SUIPTalks Real T.E.A. Podcast

SUIPTalks Real TEA Unveils Deceit With Pastor Angela Sanders


Lady Joy, Publisher of SUIPStyle Inspirations online publication and Host of SUIPTalks Real T.E.A. Podcast connects with Angela Sanders to discuss the gospel T.E.A. vs. the gossip tea! Angela Sanders is a Christian leader, a music minister, licensed and ordained minister, wife, mother, author and warrior for God. Angela and her husband Carl started Covenant Life Ministry January 2010. Angela believes that God blessed each of his children with special talents and abilities that can be used to glorify God. She works with women and children of all ages to help them discover God’s blessing in their lives, whether through music, motherhood, prayer or anything else the Lord desires. Angela believes there is something special in each of us! Angela will be releasing soon a book titled What I Want My Child To Know. This Book will help you to apply God’s Word and biblical principles to your daily live. This book also will provide you with tools and resources that will allow for you to use God’s word in important life decisions. There are challenges and difficulties that the 21st century generations are facing. Do not feel discouraged of fearful of the future. If God is for you then who can be against you? Let this book be a road map to guide you through transitions and journeys that you will face in your future.


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