Lady Joy Inspires

Help My Life Is Falling Apart

Do not let a day go by without embracing the gift of being in the presence of God’s living word, it is your power that will lift you up and remind you who you are and whose you are. You are a daughter and son of the most High King. Your Heavenly Father is still on the throne. He has not given up His power, He is just waiting for someone to believe in His power enough to grab hold of it and embrace it until it  becomes their healed and new identity in Christ.  Our healed and new identity in the living word of God is our power to keep from falling when everything around us seems to be coming apart.

God’s healing power is His saving grace and His saving grace is His perfect love that removes every problem and life challenge. A major reason to why you feel you are falling apart is about what you have allowed yourself to become attached to. When you let unhealthy attachments go and grab hold to the living word of God, God’s presence will awaken in you and will keep you from falling. His presence will give you a resurgence of His abundant joy that is your strength that empowers you to desire what fulfills you instead of what and who depletes you.

Each time I do Lady Joy Inspires, the Holy Spirit and I have your whole person healing in mind. Return to the presence of the living word of God and let the living word of God keep your thoughts of fear, feelings of despair and hopelessness from defeating you. I come against every thought of fear, hopelessness, every feeling of anxiety and every unrighteous desire of self-hurt. I speak into the atmosphere of your mind, spirit, soul and body the peace and healing power of the living word of God that redeems you from the attack of the enemy.  Every problem has a solution and every crisis submits to the restorative power and authority of Christ.

I want you to speak aloud this affirming confession:

I will overcome what is trying to overcome me. Through Christ, who is the living word of God in me I can do all things! I embrace the gift of God’s living word for me today that empowers me to conquer my fears as I overcome my challenges. Victory is mine because I am connected to the Victor  who has already worked it out for me.

Anything and anyone that you have given value to, that does not reciprocate value back to you, has stolen your value to appear as valuable. Things and people only have the perceived value in our lives that we give them.   When you stop valuing what hurts you, then you are taking your value back and increasing your power, love and sound mind that increases your value. The only reason it or they have value in the first place is because you gave them the value of your time and your heart. The word of God tells us to protect our heart with all diligence because out of it flows the issues of life.  If you want your value back then take back your time that will help you take back your heart. This will ultimately not only help you take back your self-worth but increase your value. In return give that time to the living word of God that is your power to heal what and who is being used to hurt your soul and the living word of God will capture your heart as your heart increases in value.

Is it a friendship that is contributing to your life falling apart? Give it back! Is it a romantic interest that is contributing to your life falling apart? Give it back! Is it a material possession that is contributing to your life falling apart? Give it back. What use is it to gain the whole world to include unhealthy relationships and lose your peace? We can not live our best life without our peace of mind. You and I need that peace that surpasses all understanding because it is the peace of God that makes it well with our soul and brings clarity and stability to our spiritual life, emotional life, relational life, financial life and physical life. It is the peace of God that allows us to not stress because we have entered the rest that His presence provides as we live secure in His love.

I hope you enjoy today’s webisode, “Help My Life Is Falling Apart” and inspired to run to the One who loves you best!


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