Lady Joy Inspires

Going From Called To Chosen

Happy Monday SUIPStyle Inspirations Community! I am so glad to becoming to you today with the new “Lady Joy Inspires” web series that will replacing the “Publisher’s Message” category within SUIPStyle Inspirations. Know I get to greet you with a smile and a word of knowledge that I pray will strengthen your faith walk during your day. Today, I am talking about “Going From Called To Chosen”. As believers in Christ, we each have a calling on our life. However, did you realize every calling is rooted in the call of wisdom? Check out today’s video! I hope you are enlightened, inspired and reassured that God’s wisdom is our principle thing and when we understand His wisdom, we have the answer to overcome every life challenge and momentary setback. The word of God says in Ecclesiastes 10:19 that money answers all things. However, did you realize that people’s ability to make money is rooted in their understanding of wisdom? When we understand the wisdom of God, we possess the power to get wealth, which is total life wellness and total life prosperity. I hope you enjoy this video and I plan on Lady Joy Inspires videos getting better as I increase in wisdom, position and favor with God that positions me to increase in favor with you! Blessings to you all and I pray that your belief is strengthened in the presence of God’s living wisdom that is our gift of eternal life and power to get results in life.

I invite you to consider partnering with this SUIPStyle Inspirations as a subscriber or enroll in our New Life Empowerment Institute where our online courses have been prepared to increase you in the wisdom and understanding of the Lord. We also offer christian counseling, life coaching, mentoring and consulting services. Check out the SUIPStyle online fundraising shop where a huge part of your purchase goes towards helping me and my team provide life coaching to people who are in need of our services. Thank you in advance for believing and supporting our vision to strengthen our community of readers.

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