SUIPStyle Wellness Award Honorees

Introducing Morgan Tracy J


1) When did you first make an authentic connection with Christ?

Freshman year of college in my dorm room. That night I got saved.

2) How has your relationship with Christ influenced your personal and professional goals?

Christ influences my personal goals everyday. Some days I can get self oriented or self driven, but Christ always reminds me that it’s not for myself, but others. My professional goals have changed a lot since I began walking with God. I once was so driven by my degree and climbing a ladder and getting validation from my credentials. However, God stripped me from all that idol stuff and made me turn back to Him.

3) As a woman of God what do you think about the “tea” society serves us in the influential industries of government, business, entertainment and media?

I don’t believe it serves us in any way. Truth will always come to light especially if we just examine the tree and acknowledge the fruit it bears. Gossiping or spilling tea is a big conviction for me because tea can coincide with envy, comparison and many other things. I try to stay away from, because I have gotten caught up in gossip before and it’s not a good trait to have.

4) What do you believe the current spiritual climate of the family is and our roles as wives and moms?

I believe we are first in covenant with God before anyone else. To be a better wife and mother starts with being a better daughter, server, and a friend of God.

5) How important is purpose and vision to you?

Sometimes it fluctuates. Some days my purpose is very big, while other days, my personal walk with God is all I see. The truth is our purpose lays in God, but we can get so caught up pursuing our purpose or gift that we neglect the one that gave it to us. I have fell to this many times. So purpose I just know it. Vision I just see it. And God I just pursue Him.

6) How did you come to understand your purpose and vision?

Through serving God. The more time I spent pursuing God the more I began getting a fire inside to share. I wasn’t looking for my purpose I was just looking for more of God and even in my sinful backsliding ways He would bring me visions that later became true.

7) What is the best advice you can give single Christian women?

Girl Embrace It. You may never get this time back. Learn your God. Your are in covenant with Him first, do right by Him and watch your life transform.

8) Tell us about your organization’s mission and vision?

His Daughter’s Closet is a women’s empowerment ministry that is geared toward helping women and youth find their secret place with God. We empower through speaking engagements, outreach projects and gatherings of women.

9) How can we connect with you to find out more about your upcoming events?

Sign up at my website If you are on my email list you will receive  event reminders and be apart of a community of women.

10) As a wife do you think your single season prepared you for marriage?

I am not a wife and I have never been, but I do know that every season in our life holds substance. My single season is equipping me, transforming me, and elevating me to a better, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, friend and one day a mother and wife.

11) What is your advice for single women desiring to be a wife?

Desiring to be a wife is natural and not wrong. However, I have made the mistake to where I desired to be a wife more than I desired to be faithful to God. That is when we find ourselves going against our morals and being with people that we know God didn’t send. Desire to be a wife, but not more than you desire to be obedient to God.

12) What is a wellness tip you would like to share with the SUIP Wellness Community?

If you have issues with binge eating or even emotional eating try a fast. Anything we do in secret God will reward openly. I did this and seen big chains be broke off of me and lost weight. Try it and you won’t regret it.

13) Is there anything else you would like to share with us about you?

I love to empower women because God empowers me. I am not a rare woman or more special than others. I am an everyday woman who had an encounter with Jesus that changed my life forever. That is all.


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