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Does It Benefit Us To Be Nice?

Often times, Godly love includes receiving discipline from God to mature us in power, love and Godly wisdom. Often times it includes discipline to teach others how to love and respect our freedom to live a peaceful and enjoyable life. Being nice to someone who has deceitful and wicked intentions towards you is not living a life of peace because they have come to steal, kill and destroy your joy. The word of God tells us to protect our heart with all diligence because out of it flows the issues of life. The heart of mankind separate from the heart of God is deceitfully wicked. Therefore, it can not be trusted apart from the heart being renewed with the grace and truth of God’s perfect love.

As believers in God, we are all told to renew our mind so we can be transformed and prove the acceptable will of God. Part of renewing our mind includes the transformation of a once deceitfully wicked heart into a heart that reflects God’s grace and truth. Transformation can not occur through manipulation. Manipulation happens when someone does good but their intentions towards you are wicked. Some times people do not understand at the time they are being deceitful because their selfishness is deeply rooted that it takes discerning the intents and thoughts of their heart to know their intentions (Hebrews 4:12).

Crazy thing is we will not be able to recognize their issue until we address the issues of our own deceitful and wicked heart. The condition of the human heart that has not encountered the grace and truth of God’s perfect love harbors the presence of evil. Therefore, it takes the perfect love of God to discern the intentions and thoughts of the human heart. If we have not invested time in seeking God with ALL of our heart, we still have areas of our heart that is deceitfully wicked because the presence of sin remains. Our heart is sinful not because we want to be sinful. It is sinful because it is created in the image and likeness of Satan’s identity just like a heart that has been transformed is created in the image and likeness of God’s identity (Genesis 1). A supernatural issue of sin requires a supernatural answer of love. only the Holy presence of God’s love has the power to remove and discern the evil presence of Satan’s lust.

Until we acknowledge and accept this truth, we will continue to fall short trying to play the nice guy or nice gal. Nice doesn’t work because nice in and of itself is deceptively good, however, truth in and of itself is righteously good. It does not benefit us to be nice, apart from understanding the perfect will of God regarding our relationship with ourselves as well as with people. I pray the love of God inspires us all to draw near to His presence where we all are empowered to protect our hearts will all diligence. Including the diligence of pursuing the mind of Christ that will manifest in us the heart of Christ, that is full of grace and truth.


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