Self Love

How To Start Overcoming Your Addictive Desires

Desire is the most powerful force in life and the influencer of our actions. When we can transform the root of our addictive desires, we can live a lifestyle of our dreams. God’s gift of grace has made this possible. In the absence of God’s grace, the addictive desires we can no longer control becomes the driving force that rules our actions, emotions and thought life. When we accept God’s gift of Grace to help us conquer the addictive desires we become free to live the lifestyle of our dreams. His grace makes us fit for life because His grace is the presence of eternal life that is full of righteous desire which frees us from addictive desire. The more you and I spend time in the presence of His living and powerful word, the more we encounter His righteous desire that frees us from our addictive desire(s). It is not by our works of self effort we overcome addictive desire, but by His finished work of grace which is the power of His righteous desire being perfected in us!

Join the SUIP Online Community at and let us share His righteous desire that is your power to overcome your addictive desires!

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